Joining YEA

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) was created to engage young professionals by welcoming them to ASHRAE society as well as the larger engineering community. Whether you’re a young engineer that has just moved to New York City, or a young engineer that is just looking to widen your professional network, ASHRAE-NY’s YEA events will inspire you to build, design, engineer to the next level of performance and sustainability. Joining YEA is simple: if you are 35 or under and filled out your birth date properly when you enrolled in ASHRAE, you are automatically signed up.


Our NY chapter will undoubtedly keep you up-to-date on technological advances, industry trends and best practices, but we like to kick back a bit after monthly dinner meetings. After every monthly dinner meeting, please join us for the ‘YEA Social Shindig’ to network and discuss the topic of the night. The Shindig location will be announced impromptu after the main event – check the Events Calendar for the next scheduled dinner meeting. Whether it’s for education, connecting with veteran members, networking, or integrating with other organizations throughout the city- we intend to make ASHRAE the best it can be by helping you make the most of your experience!


Interested in additional YEA updates and resources? ASHRAE YEA has a dedicated section within the ASHRAE website, including a newsletter, information, blogs, and Facebook page to cover national and international ASHRAE YEA events. ASHRAE is committed to promoting young engineers that have contributed their professional expertise and enthusiasm, such as through the New Face of Engineering initiative, which recognizes the achivements of enigneers under 30.

YEA Tour

Great success at the ASHRAE YEA Tour on October 28, 2014. ASHRAE YEA hosted a tour at Mechosystems Headquarters in Long Island City on October 28th. The event was a huge success with over 35 people attending. The president of Mechosystems, Jan Berman, led the tour and explained how he obtained LEEDGold certification and how his products help to obtain LEED points.

After the tour we had a great networking event with food and beverages. At the end the night, 11 people joined the LEED study group, and 4 joined the BIM study group. Attendees were ASHRAE student members, YEA members, and regular members. The tour received a lot of positive feedback.

Great Success at Brooklyn Brewery Tour on April 9th 2015 – ASHRAE YEA hosted a Brooklyn Brewery event in Williamsburg on April 9th 2015. The event was a huge success with close to 100 attendees. The operation manager James Valm and Tim Lappin led the tours. They explained different beer styles and history of the Brooklyn Brewery prior to the tours of the brewery. We hosted three separate tours with added emphasis on the refrigeration used in brewing. Each tour group had around 30 people. While the tours were going on, the rest of the group hangout at the tasting room served with pizza and beverages. We tasted three different types of most popular beers and we get to keep the tasting glass as a souvenir. The event received a lot of positive feedback. It is the first ASHRAE event for some of the attendees. Many are looking forward to joining more YEA events of likes in the future!

At the start of the cooling season, ASHRAE YEA hosted an event that showed Students and Engineers around the iconic Hearst Tower. The 46 stories tall tower, overseeing Central Park, was not only known for its diagrid structural steel frame design, but also being New York City’s first LEED Gold Certified Skyscraper both in design and operation. There were 22 enthused attendees at this event, and they were invited to tour the Mechanical Equipment on the roof, and the Good Housekeeping test laboratory. Attendees learned much about the history of the Hearst Corporation as well as operations of the HVAC equipment in the tower throughout the tour, and are looking forward to YEA’s next building tour.