Technical Articles

“Reusing Existing HVAC Systems and Components ASHRAE Journal, June 2015

By Ramez  Afify, P.E.

University CHP Achieves Efficiency“– Consulting-Specifying Engineer, December 2014

By Andre Pearson, P.E. and Jose R. Rodriguez, P.Eng. 

“Total Dissolved Solids in Reclaimed Water” – 2013 ASHRAE summer conference award winner paper

 By Daniel Naill, PE and Robert Sedlak, PE

“Sustainable Design of Water Source VRF”– ASHRAE  Journal, October 2013

By Ramez Afify, PE

“Case Study: GSHP System Upgrade”– Consulting-Specifying Engineer, October 2013 

By Jose R Rodriguez, PE, Mike Sammut, PE and Arslan Asovic, Bsc ME

"Lessons Learned from Central Heating Plant Upgrade"- ASHRAE Jounal, November 2016

By Jose R Rodriguez

"Testimony on Intro. 1253" 

By Anthony  M. Montalto

"Testimony on NYC Planning Residental Tower"

By Anthony M. Montalto