What’s New in the 2020 Stretch Energy Code?

January 28, 2020
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Club 101
101 Park Avenue
NY 10178

The 2020 NYStretch Energy Code, which will go into effect on March 3, will significantly change
how buildings in NYC are designed and constructed. Buildings constructed under NYStretch will
use 11 percent less energy over their lifetimes than those built under today’s code, driving green
building practices across the city.

Join the Cross-Learning Alliance, a partnership between Urban Green Council, AIA-NY and
ASHRAE New York Chapter, on January 28 to highlight the important changes to the new code.
Industry experts will detail the code’s changes, explore how the new code relates to Local Law
97’s emissions caps, and discuss what architects, engineers, builders and building owners
should focus on.

*As a Cross-Learning Alliance event, member prices are available to ASHRAE, AIA and Urban
Green Members.

(Introduction)John Mandyck, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Green Council
Gina Bocra, Chief Sustainability Officer, New York City Department of Buildings
Jeff Rios, Partner, AKF Group
Kelly Westby, Commissioning Director, Steven Winter Associates
Stas Zakrzewski, Principal, ZH Architects
(Moderator) Paula Zimin, Sustainable Building Services Director, Steven Winter Associates

1. Understand the scope of changes in NYStretch Energy Code
2. Describe provisions that require attention due to increased stringency.
3. Explain some provisions in the NYStretch Energy Code that could have a substantial
effect on the practice of how projects are designed and built.
4. Describe the relationship between the NYStretch Energy Code and the carbon cap for
building energy required under NYC LL97.


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$55.00 Non-Members

$40.00 YEA (under 35)

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