Students and ASHRAE: Why Join

Where are they now? Former Students explain how engaging in ASHRAE has helped them  advance their careers

Getting involved with ASHRAE was a decision that has rewarded me both professionally and personally. When I first entered TC I, I heard about the ASHRAE student chapter, but couldn’t find out much about it. The group was stagnant. So I went to the NY chapter meeting and started finding out. I saw all the great things that we could be doing if our student branch was more active. I ran for, and became, student branch president. I involved my friends at school and we became extremely active, recruiting over 100 student members.

The topics discussed at the meeting put me ahead of the game in my classes. I put together a group which the NY Chapter paid to attend the ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo, which was held in Las Vegas that year. I also was awarded a $2000 scholarship by the NY Chapter.

However the greatest benefit is the networking opportunities. One of the gentlemen who I was speaking to at one meeting asked me what area I wanted to go into, I replied controls, not realizing he was the VP of a controls company. He contacted one of my professors and asked him to have me call to set up an interview. Long story short, I got the job and he’s been my mentor ever since.

-Gary Guarino, Service Engineer

Getting a job after graduation is the next challenge in life that we must face.  My advice goes to those students who only focus on passing their classes and do not subscribe to any society or student club.  I became a student member of ASHRAE in my junior year in college.  This gave me the opportunity to attend very interesting and educational ASHRAE-New York Chapter technical meetings given by industry leading professionals. These speakers are invited by ASHRAE-New York chapter directives every month.  In one of these meetings I attended, I met the principal of the company where I currently work.  I started as an intern and when I graduated I was offered a full time position.  From my experience, ASHRAE not only provides good sources to enrich knowledge but also offers a great chance for networking, thus, become a member, participate, learn…get involved!

-Recent Mechanical Engineer graduate of the Grove School of Engineering at The City College of New York

ASHRAE provided me with the opportunity to network with professionals that are involved in the HVAC industry. The City College of New York set the foundation by providing an ASHRAE student branch. Through the ASHRAE student branch, I was able to meet students with common interest and attend ASHRAE-NY technical presentations dinner meetings. I received a scholarship award with fellow students for my efforts in 2009 ASHRAE student design competition which I participated in through the City College of New York. 

The following year ASHRAE sponsored myself and other students with the opportunity to attend the ASHRAE 2010 winter conference. At the conference, I was able to attend free HVAC seminars on green building design, and energy management. I met up with fellow ASHRAE-NY members at their trade show booths and met individuals from all types of companies providing HVAC products. Attending the conference confirmed that I wanted to start my career within this industry, I just did not know where exactly. I received an opportunity to work as a project engineer with one of the top mechanical contractors in USA. I immediately contacted fellow ASHRAE-NY professionals for advice. They provided me with their experience and suggestions. I couldn’t ask for more from this great organization.  

Sheldon Scott (CCNY Student Branch President 2008/2009)   

Being part of the Student Branch of ASHRAE made a tremendous impact on my life and my future in the HVAC field. ASHRAE exposed me to a vast amount of educational resources, introduced me to fellow HVAC students and professionals in the field. Without ASHRAE I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

 Thank you ASHRAE.

-Levi Altein (TCI)

The ASHRAE NY Chapter has strengthened the link between student and professional engineers and has provided opportunities to network and learn through face-to-face interactions and educational/networking events. Not only has ASHRAE’s Chapter provided a platform on which young engineers can build successful careers, but it also provides a means to gain valuable information needed to excel professionally. The members of ASHRAE understand the importance of community, teamwork, and communication.

Christopher Persaud